Dog Bite Injuries in California

I was thinking about dog bite cases recently. Why you ask? I was taking a walk on a nice stretch of beach in Huntington Beach, called Dog Beach. It true. It’s a long, wide area of our HB coast where it is legal to walk your dog on the beach. They can walk, run, hit …. Read More

Cruising Ships: Advice from Savvy Travelers to Avoid Mishaps..and What to do If They Do Happen!

Granted, cruising ships have come a long way since the days of the Titanic. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t any risks associated with cruising the high seas. Yes, the ships and technology are far safer, therefore the type of danger is different. But there is still the occasional ship found floating adrift at sea …. Read More

Over 400,00 Fords Recalled for Fire and Door Safety Concerns: Do You Own Any Of Them?

Driving a car while it’s on fire and with the doors popping open can be spectacular, but not something anyone this side of a stunt driver would consider acceptable in their sedan. For this reason, Ford owners should know about its latest vehicle recall. Ford has issued a double recall affecting more than 441,000 cars …. Read More

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