Del Hovden
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Del Hovden, the trial attorney for the firm of Moss Hovden, boasts over 35 years of experience in personal injury and wrongful death litigation. He has handled hundreds of personal injury cases from simple pedestrian injury and slip & fall incidents to major heavy truck disasters and wrongful death litigation. Elder abuse, Medical Malpractice, and Cruise Ship Accidents are other areas of practice Del Hovden takes seriously and handles with the utmost care.

Del Hovden commonly retains highly qualified engineers and other scientists holding expertise in a wide range of disciplines, from accident reconstruction to intricate and detailed elements like metallurgy. Likewise, assessment of damages requires close examination of the aspects surrounding a client’s life that have been affected by his or her injuries. Such alterations and changes may necessitate life care planning or other sophisticated strategies to explain the losses to a jury or an insurance carrier.

His expert team knows how to thoroughly investigate and evaluate claims, finding the evidence and witnesses to help maximize your recovery. Yes, he seeks the most successful outcomes with the highest recompense for your pain and suffering. However, Del Hovden is also the attorney who goes beyond and does his best to set your life back on track, getting you the best doctors, therapists, hospitals, and facilities to help you heal and get back to a quality life.

The two things to know about Del Hovden and his team : We fight and we care — for you.

Practicing in All Southern California Areas

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